Danelander 8inch woodchipper

All purpose domestic chipper excellent value Danelander 8inch  woodchipper

The Danelander domestic woodchipper has up to 8" rotary input width and automatic rotary in feed Roller. This machine makes fast chipping of all types of wood stocks including small brash, privets, leylandi and other cuttings or smaller stocks. Has bi Directional out put shoot for accurate collection of chippings, full CE certification and compliant with HSE regulations. Adjustable connecting links allows fitting from small tractors (14 hp upwards) such as Kubota, Iseki, mitsubishi etc, as well as larger tractors uop to the mid 60/70hp range

Comes complete with self supporting stationary operation stand, includes power take off shaft and adjustable cat 1 link arms.

Spare Parts:

DWC8Blade - Precision ground 10" reversible blades (Two Required)

DWC8Feedrollbelt (One Required)

DWC8Maindrivebelt - Drive belts for main pullies (Five Required)

DWC8Anvil - Anvil plate for inner mouth of hopper. (One Required)

DWC8Feedrollshaft - Double universal jointed shaft connecting feed roller to inner gearbox, resembles miniture take off shaft. (One set of two joints Required)

(Spares) Blade double sidedDWC8Blade 86.00
2 Required
(spares)Anvil PlateDWC8Anvil hopper plate 69.00
1 Required
(spares)Feed Roller BeltDWC8Feedrollbelt 18.25
1 Required
(spares)Feed Roller ShaftDWC8Feedrollshaft 127.61
1 set of 2 joints Required
(spares)Main Drive BeltDWC8Maindrivebelt 26.39
5 Required
10inch Pro Chipper adjustable chip sizeWCPRO2AC 0.00
This model is the European professional model with adjustable chip sises and a host of specifications that are only found in Chippers at around 10,000 . Will last you a life time with its rugged construction and no stress double roller feeder system full high capacity throughput of 10inches width.

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