Greenscape Seeder 6000-

Greenscape Seeder 6000-

The Greenscape Conservation Seeder represents a totally new concept in seeding. Being neither a grain drill nor a PTO driven seeder, the Greenscape effectively prepares the soil, drops and lightly covers the seed, and firmly presses the soil for a perfectly prepared seedbed. It is designed to achieve a perfect pattern across the working width of the machine; no row effect as with drills of knife type overseeders. This machine will seed into all conditions, including primary seeding into prepared ground or overseeding into existing vegetation. Best of all, it's all ground driven - no PTO shafts or gearboxes to maintain, and requires only a 35 horsepower tractor to operate. When equipped with the optional precision small seed box, the Greenscape will plant vitually any type or size seed at any rate that you desire.

Spec: Greenscape 6000

Hitch Cat. 1-3 - quick hitch adaptable

50 H.P. (min)

84" working width

98" overall width

76" overall length

54" overall height

Weight = 2090 lbs.

Large Seedbox Capacity = 8 1/2 bushels

Legume Seedbox Capacity = 2 1/8 bushels

Front spike roller = 19.75" o.d. with 150 spikes

Rear spike roller = 19.75" o.d. with 144 spikes

Rear Cultipacker Roller = fiber reinforced plastic rings

AR-500 Steel Roller Spikes

Spike Drive Ratio = 15:20

Seedbox Drive Ratio = Standard 17:28

Typical Users Include:

Landscape Contractors - seeding, overseeding lawns

Landowners/Farmers - grassed waterways, field borders, wetlands

Dept. of Transportation - roadside seeding and overseeding, wildflower programs

Sportsmen/Hunters - wildlife food plots

Livestock/Horse owners - pasture seeding and overseeding

Developers - erosion control projects

Utility Contractors - pipeline seeding

Golf Courses - seeding, maintaining fairways, borders, rough areas

Park/Recreation Dept. - seeding grass areas, athletic fields

National Wildlife Refuges - establishing wildlife habitat

Park Services - land reclamation projects

Forest Service - seeding roads, fire lanes, logging roads

Vineyards/Orchards - between row seeding of cover cro

Typical Machines Uses Include:

Initial grass seeding for new lawns, pastures, field borders and ditchbanks

Overseeding lawns, pastures, etc. Aerating grass areas

Final seedbed preparation on bare ground

Repairing bare spots on turf farms, waterways, etc.

Seeding wildlife food plots and soil - water conservation areas

Highway roadsides and right-of-ways and DOT wildflower program

Golf course areas

Machine Features Include:

Heavy tubular frame construction

All ground driven, no PTO shaft or gearbox to maintain

Precise seed metering cups with individual clean out gates

Perfect pattern across full width of working area - no row effect as with PTO driven, knife type machines or sod drills

Rear roller packer rings to firm and smooth seedbed

Water tight seedbox with agitator shaft - calibration chart and seeding rate chart

Driven spiked rollers crumble soil just enough for perfect seed-to-soil contact

Exclusive Torque Arm - keeps constant adjustable down pressure on rear cultipacker

Greenscape 840DLRO006 8991.00

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