PTO Mixer

PTO Mixer

Mix your own cement on site and transport it anywhere your tractor will go.

A tractor mounted cement mixer is far more versatile than the conventional static mixer. The tractors ability to lower the mixing drum to a comfortable working height makes loading the mixer faster and less strenuous. Conversely when you are able to control the emptying height, dumping becomes more accurate with less waste splashing.

Load the mixer and travel to where the concrete is needed whilst mixing, just think of the time and effort saved compared with static mixing and barrowing.

Last but not least is capitol cost, compare this mixer to a static machine with similar capacity.


Capacity 5cu ft of mix

Weight empty 98kgs

Full weight approx 410kgs


Widest point of drum 800mm

Depth of drum 800mm

Width of opening 450mm

Smaller tractors 16-20HP can usually handle the mixer but may need to be loaded proportional to counter balance the weight of the mix.

The mixer fits onto the standard category one 3-point linkage, a single small hydraulic TOP LINK type ram (sizes to fit all Tractors separately available), provides the tipping action.
The adjustable pto shaft (supplied) turns the drum via a protected chain drive 10:1 reduction gear. The drum shaft is mounted on ball bearings. 3 paddles ensure uniform mixing at all times.

5/3.5 Cement MixerDLCM001 680.84
A really useful tipping Cement Mixer that takes the Cement direct to the job....no more barrowing !! ...Hyd. top link with Quick connector goes into the back of any tractor for tipping and comes with PTO and Hyd. top link complete. highly recommended & will save you back a lot of work !

Customer Reviews

A Meadows
Reviewed by Angela Meadows from Anglesey

Purchased to extend the use of my Estate 5500 tractor also bought from Danelander. Solid piece of Kit, delivered within days, Matt was really helpfull in explaining the fitting requirements. First class customer service by Danelander.

July 2015

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